Water meter

It is no secret that the meter by turning the water passes through it in the opposite direction, showing consumption in decline.

Another advantage of the invention is that in cases when repairing a leak on the network, when it is necessary to relieve pressure in the installation, faulty check valve on the water heater with unscrupulous consumers, due to the pressure in the boiler, which in this case acts as a tank, leaking hot water heater, which typically results in the melting of the plastic counter mechanism in the meter, and even melting OKITEN before promised, to the main line.

So, part of the maintenance company responsible for water supply: mains lead and plug to the "first" of the valve.

Restoration of such damages leak is more complex than just because it OKITEN due to many years of thermal impact pressure measure lost, and is now larger diameter than standard connectors and is not responsible or poluspojnici.

Any such failure depends on the skills of workers in the field, because he has to find what you want in order to re-heat and calibration narrow OKITEN the old measure.

When gauge which damaged the plastic measuring mechanism, it is necessary to replace it, correct. And this is again a big expense for companies that distribute water and maintain the system.

There are other solutions, in the form of plastic clamps, as well as additional security seals that are placed on Holendere, but they were not functional.


The math is quite simple: the state has eight million, the average household has four members, two million households ...

Each household only one euro in average damage dealers, a significant amount of money annually.

A country in the region, the world?