Electric garages

These are garage with a set of batteries, which are also located in the "green ring", which is the area around settlements (pre periphery), in front of or behind the industry together in a whole, form a ring, equipped with solar panels and wind generators, which full of all the batteries in the system (the ring).

If the zero energy consumption, expressed in money, and if zero pollution emissions, it does not matter how many times to go to the garage to replace the battery (as refueling on the classic pumps, usually while waiting in line), and then electric cars will have rates that are current, but at least halved. That will be more accessible to a larger number of users, and we have a better chance to forgive our country for what is destroying.

The first thing to be done is to solve the structural design of cars, to create partitions, which will come batteries. These will take the form of "casserole" plate, like mobile phones, standardized dimensions, voltage and amperage, such as AAA or AA batteries for the remote lighter.

Essentially these are garages for cars, which the roofs have solar panels and a combination of wind - generator.