I designed "internet traffic (such as Skype)", where all first login, and then Start with vehicle (car, truck, bus, motorcycle, machinery, ...). The recommendation is to be in a mobile phone, the vehicle automatically freezes when the signal is too close, if a pedestrian crossing the street (pet, where the chip or collar for example animals in reserves). Modern cars, especially leaders in their production, they have fantastic systems, but in actual use cars still do not "talk", and the functionality of these systems is very limited. My system makes a unit that communicates with every single customer. Incidentally, it was the most perfect car alarm, because it does not pay to steal something that will immediately be localized.

For now, set the camera to record the intersection, with a number of disadvantages:

  • record license plates, so often the real culprit, a driver who went through a red light, be spared, and the burden of punishment assumes example. father who went to the police station, as he drove
  • do not control the traffic participants that are not recorded, and it's almost all traffic
  • were purchased and installed, plus any maintenance costs, personnel, and hardware and software costs from the state budget.
  • Thus, expensive.

    My computer buyers to buy a vehicle, as part of a whole, such as: safety belts, Alarm, ABS, ESP, ... and as soon as the vehicle starts to exploit and begin to break the law, the money flowing to the dedicated account of the Ministry. huge amounts of money in a secure interest of every country, especially if you do not invest, and the budget is filled. Controlling everything that moves the interests of the service and the state, and even globally.

    I am aware that the whole set of laws should be changed, that would be great resistance by the user, because no one wants to live his own "Truman Show." But I'm also aware that it will happen in the near future and it is only a matter of time before you consolidate all documents in one, as I already designed and cipovati implant population.

    Follow us and consistently control: voluntary and conscious while using an electronic communication (sms, email, social networks), unconsciously, with the chips in tablets, lap tops, cell phones, GPS devices .. This is not new nor secret. I give them mobilarnost, next level, little im olakšavam.Ta future is coming, and who is willing to ...