I'm working on the standardization of batteries for electric cars:

Price battery is more than half the price of a car, the charging process takes a long time, and a limited radius of driving. Standardized batteries are universal (case shape, the pan), all manufacturers use them, and the existing infrastructure of gas stations, just to add a "battery cell", which would be to the "Green Ring". The idea is that as you buy a gas stove and a bottle of rent (supplements), so to buy the electric car, and that the state rented batteries.

The proposal is that the batteries are the same voltage, amperage agreed. The physical dimensions should be such that they can be in the glove compartment in the floor, the drive motors, and door extra battery supply box for other systems and lighting.

Of course, we're talking about the concept of electric garage, which would be distributed in a "ring" around the settlements, along the edges, the periphery.

Let me explain: as it buys gas stove without bottle and bottle complements when empty, or in autogenous welding ... So the car would be a set of batteries required for the normal operation of the car, and possibly another set, which would is fed into the electric garage somewhere in the ring around the settlement.